The first flip clock application developed entirely in 3D. The clock was designed specifically for this application and it is inspired by the italian clocks that made flip clock technology famous worldwide . You can explore the 3D object by rotating it with your fingers or zooming in and out with pinch gestures. All the controls for the alarm and settings are directly accessible from the rear panel of the clock avoiding sub menus and non-intuitive operations. Finally you can interact with a virtual clock exactly as you do with a real clock ! 
Choose among 15 colors/graphics to customize your 3D flip clock and take advantage of the preset views to quickly access front and back panels. By sliding three fingers vertically on the screen the brightness of the screen can be controlled allowing the use of the app as a night clock.


The application replicates the Magsonic Grande Sonnerie with extreme accuracy. The high resolution 3D model allows a complete interaction with the watch functions as well as the possibility to explore it, up to the smallest mechanical details.The sounds reproduced by this virtual watch are sampled from a real Magsonic and combined together to produce all the different notes sequences of the Westminster chimes while respecting the harmonic richness of the original watch. The selector buttons integrated into the side of the watch can be activated. The cross-shaped pushbutton on the case middle at 9 oclock serves to start the minute repeater, while pivoting ridged function selectors on either side of it enable the user to choose respectively between grand and small strike, and between chime and silence modes. The moving parts of the Tourbillon mechanism, the dial indicators and the hammers of the sonnerie are activated by a software system specifically developed for this application that elaborates the time flow and translates it into animations and melodies.While interacting with the watch, it is possible to rotate the viewpoint in any direction and modify the zoom extents at the same time, as the whole environment is a virtual reconstruction based on the latest 3D real-time technologies



A watch visualizer and configurator for the Sebastien Loeb signature timepiece by Marvin Watch. This web app is compatible with most of the web browsers and can be launched from any laptop or desktop computer. It features two different variations of the wristwatch: the automatic and the quartz versions. The watch has been reconstructed starting from original CAD data and is very detailed and fully functioning. It shows updated time and date informations and allow to try all the chronograph functions. It’s also possible to switch from quartz and automatic while the chronograph is running to evaluate the layout differences in between the two versions. At the same time the watch can be rotated on 3 axis and explored up to the smallest details. A special button situated on top of the automatic version icon allow to activate the strip spring mechanism which is one of the key elements of the design of this watch.