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Date: 4th May 2015

Article by: Te Halterman

Designer Turi Cacciatore Built His Rostock Delta Printer Using an IKEA Furniture Closet Kit

Salvatore “Turi” Cacciatore is the former head of design research at the Fiat Concept Lab and now a freelance designer, and he’s also enamoured with 3D printers and printing.


Date: July 2014

Article by: Camille Andres

Je veux un jet qui me ressemble

Et en matière de design, automobile, yachting, et aéronautique, s’ épient , reconnaît Turi Cacciatore, designer basé a Genève, actif dans ces trois secteurs. “La forte concurrence dans l’ automobile permet une grande diversité de couleurs, de lignes, de matériaux.”


Date: 20th October 2013

Article by: James Hobson

Custom Rostock 3D Printer Makes Use of IKEA Components

After discovering 3D printers, Turi had to make one. This past summer he did, and it looks fantastic.

He chose the Rostock design not only because it can print big parts quickly, but also because of its mesmerizing operation. 3D printers are generally fun to watch for the first few minutes, but Rostocks tend to have an even more robotic appeal in the motion of its end effector (robotics lingo for tool head).

The cool part of this build is [Turi's] choice of enclosure. He had an IKEA cabinet collecting dust in his basement, so he decided to make use of its drawers for the main structure of the Rostock. 


Date: December 2010

Article by: Massimo Scalese

Bulgari Magsonic Grande Sonnerie per iPhone e iPad: strepitosa applicazione!

Era evidente che prima o poi qualcuno ci sarebbe arrivato. Il mondo delle applicazioni per i dispositivi Apple non ha limiti, esattamente come l’Alta Orologeria.
Bulgari ha reso disponibile su App Store Magsonic Grande Sonnerie. Invece della solita app brand-oriented con un catalogo di orologi e un localizzatore del rivenditore più vicino, questa offre la simulazione della complicazione a ripetizione minuti del’omonimo orologio della collezione Gerald Genta!


Date: 26th May 2006

Article by: Alberto Ballestin

Salón de Madrid: Fiat Ducato Truckster

La verdad es que es difícil describir al Fiat Ducato Truckster. Este modelo conceptual está basado en la nueva furgoneta de Fiat (aunque no lo parezca) y es el fruto del trabajo realizado por el centro de diseño del fabricante italiano, Bosch, Behr GmbH, SEWS Cabind y Denso Thermal Systems. Su impresionante diseño, más propio de una nave de Star Trek que de un vehículo comercial del fabricante italiano, esconde una jaula antivuelco, asientos de competición, volante y arneses Sabelt. Cero concesiones a la comodidad, casi como un camión de carreras. Si lo llegan a pintar de verde lima y le ponen más vinilos podrían meterlo en The Fast and the Furious 4 y no desentonaría lo más mínimo.


Date: July/August 2004

Article by: Matt Youson


Interior Motives shared a bottle of fizzy water with Salvatore Cacciatore, head of design research at Fiat Concept Lab and instigator of the Fiat Pixel Project…

“The best conceptual work is always that which can be related to people. Involving our designers sharing the ideas developed at the Royal College of Art is the main thing. Then the next time our designers sketch a Fiat, they too will be influenced by Pixel”.

Men’s Health

Date: October 2004


Uno degli ideatori della nuova Fiat 500 (presentata all’ultimo Motor-Show di Ginevra) è un uomo che, oltre a progettare il look delle automobili di ultima generazione, è molto attento al suo look. Deformazione professionale?…

Top Gear

Date: June 2004

Article by: Michael Harvey (Editor)


I spent an afternoon this month with Salvatore Cacciatore, who runs what the Fiat calls its ‘Concept Lab’. Running the lab means Salvatore is not designing the next Fiat Panda, nor the one after that. he’s thinking about what the Fiat Panda will be like in 2017. …

The Telegraph

Date: May 2004

RCA students design transport for 2015

Salvatore Cacciatore, head of design research at Fiat’s Concept Lab, said: “This project is part of Fiat’s design research system and we know that at the RCA we can ask the most challenging questions because the academic quality is high enough for students to be able to interpret and express complexity in interdisciplinary ways. With this project we’re looking at the future for design disciplines. Perhaps transport designers of the future will be better able to blur the boundaries between disciplines.”

Auto & Design

Date: September/October 2003

Article by: Silvia Baruffaldi


Initially, in fact, the idea was to base the new Fiat Panda production model on the Ecobasic concept car that had been presented in late 1999 as a proposed replacement for the Seicento…

The Ecobasic was an environmentally-friendly prototype that combined research-based aerodynamic efficiency with the use of recyclable materials and a parsimonious engine. It also featured a decidedly unconventional design, in which a number of structural elements were deliberately left “unclothed” for aesthetic effect.

The Telegraph

Date: 25 July 2000

Article by: Andrew English


Fiat really doesn’t want to build one of the most exciting small car concepts to be seen for many moons?…

…designer Salvatore Cacciatore has thrown conventional shut-line wisdom into the River Po and has used a mixture of textures to disguise the slight colour variations and huge gaps in the pre-impregnated body panels.