Creativity and Technology.

"My passion in life is to explore the intersection between creativity and technology. 
I have an insatiable thirst for exploring new fields and connecting different disciplines to make exciting breakthroughs.
I am constantly  putting my learnings into practice in creative products and experiences for companies, educational institutions, designers and people in general.
My intention is to harness the power of creativity and technology to design a better future for people and the planet."

- Turi Cacciatore -
Multi-Disciplinary Designer, Developer, Artist

What I Do

Turi Design

Design and Innovation Services.

Since 2007, I have been working as a consultant with multinational companies, start-ups and scale ups, assisting them in the fields of design and innovation. 

I believe that true innovation always begins with an innovative design process. I have constantly reinvented my design process and have never adhered strictly to the boundaries of any one design discipline. 

My goal is to elevate design to the next level and to assist others in doing the same.


3D Software Development Services and Digital Tools for Designers.

Alongside my love for design, I've long been fascinated by real-time graphics technology, especially in gaming. 
This interest sparked my journey into programming and software development. 

As I got deeper into it, I began crafting interactive experiences to showcase my designs or to help clients present theirs. 
Eventually, I started making more advanced tools like 3D configurators and virtual reality experiences, filling a gap I'd noticed as a designer.

VirQube is my way of sharing my know-how in 3D computer graphics through advanced tools tailored for designers.

Turi and the Qubes

Music Production and Sound Design.

Music was my first love, long before I ventured into design. 
Creating an entire music album had been a dream of mine since my teenage years. 

In 2020, I seized the opportunity to explore this important yet previously unexplored aspect of my creativity. I formed the virtual one-man band Turi and the Qubes and released the album, The Phoenix, one year later. I not only performed and recorded all the instruments but also handled the mixing and mastering of the album. 

Beyond enhancing my skills as a sound designer, this experience was one of the most significant creative experiences of my life. Today, I'm using these new skills in creative projects for myself and my clients.

Who I Am

I am an independent designer known for my expertise across various creative disciplines and my in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing and virtual reality. I regularly engage in international projects that demand a unique blend of creative and technological skills.

I was born in 1975 in Italy, where I grew up and earned my degree in Transportation Design in 1997. A year later, I joined the Fiat Design Center, primarily working on concept cars such as the Fiat Ecobasic, showcased at the Turin Automobile Museum. I also spearheaded the very early design research phases of the Fiat Trepiùno concept car, now produced by Fiat as the Fiat 500, and I contributed to the exterior and interior design of many other Fiat projects, including the concept truck Fiat Ducato Truckster. 

In 2006, I relocated to France to embark on my career as an independent designer, diversifying my expertise into concept art, product design, UX/UI design, interaction design, and computational design. While continuing to collaborate as a transportation designer with automotive and aviation manufacturers, I expanded my portfolio with major design, strategy and communication projects for well-known companies like Bulgari, Lamborghini, Pininfarina, Samsung, and Toyota.

In recent years, I have focused on developing a suite of software tools for designers and organizations called VirQube. Combining my design process expertise with programming skills, I have created a collection of powerful, user-friendly digital tools. This is one example of my desire to prove that one individual can learn multiple different skills across diverse disciplines to create complete solutions. Creative independence with a holistic mindset is one of my core values and I believe it can take collaboration and team-work to a whole new level. 

In addition to my industry-focused endeavors, I have consistently contributed to corporate and academic design training. I have worked as a lecturer, teacher, and course director at numerous universities, design schools, and business schools across Europe. I have also served as a mentor to many young designers who are now well-established in their careers. 

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Feel free to contact me directly if you're a company or an independent professional with a potential project or collaboration to discuss.
If you're a student in one of my areas of expertise, don't hesitate to ask for support.

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